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Main Tours Kyiv - Chernigiv (5 days)

Kyiv - Chernigiv (5 days)

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KYIV – CHERNIGIV (5 days/4 nights)

Day 1 - Kyiv
Arrival in Kiev. Tranfer to a Hotel. Check-in.
Dinner at a hotel.

Day 2 - Kyiv
Buffet breakfast
at a hotel.
City tour - the Golden Gate Monument, built in 1017, the commerce zone, the Opera house, the University, Vladmir Cathedral, the Church of Saint Andrew at the Andreyevskii Street full of art galleries.
Lunch at a restaurant.

Excursion “Ancient Kyiv”.
You will visit Old Kiev Hill, observe the duplicate of the basement of Decimal Church, built in the 10th century and destroyed during the tatar-mongol invation in 1240. A unique specimen of the Old Rus architecture is considered to be St. Sophia's Cathedral (1037), mosaics, frescos, preserved to our days are of a great value. The Golden Gates (the 11th century) project an unforgettable impression upon visitors. The Golden Gates were part of fortification constructions, were destroyed in the 13th century, during the II World War and reconstructed in the 20th century. Exactly these Gates inspired a famous composer Musorgsky for writing a musical composition "Pictures from the exhibition". You will have a chance to see monuments to outstanding historical figures, which left a significant trace in the history: the monument to Prince Volodimir, a baptizer of Kiev Rus, to the outstanding Princes Olga, famous for its political activity as in Ukraine, so in abroad (the 10th century), to Prince Yaroslav the Wise, also to Bogdan Khmelnitsky.
Visiting a St. Sofia`s Cathedral, a magnificent work of art built in 1037. It is the most vivid example of the Old Rus architecture and monumental art for this place, was built and decorated when the state of Kyiv Rus was living through the peak of its prosperity. Here grand princes were crowned and buried, formal ceremonies and receptions of envoys were help, the first known library in ancient Rus and the first school for boys and girls were founded by Yaroslav the Wise.
Transfer to a Hotel.
Dinner at a hotel.

Day 3 -  Chernigiv
Breakfast at a hotel.
Departure to Chernigiv.
Among the great number of invaluable cultural wealth of Ukraine an important place is given to the monuments of the ancient city of Chernihiv. It is one of the oldest Ukrainian towns. The very first record of Chernihiv dates back to 907 AD. Its beautiful monasteries, cathedrals and churches are only the part of that magnificence which is worth seeing.
Places to visit:

• The main cathedral in Chernigov is regarded Cathedral of Savior. It was laid in the 11th century by prince Mstislav, that who had contradictions with Yaroslav the Wise. The cathedral was constructed on the place where a heathen temple was situated During Kiev Rus the cathedral was famous for its miracle icon (God's Mother). It was brought to Smolensk and it is said that because of the icon tatar-mongol could not subjugate the city.
• Boris and Glebe's Cathedral It is considered the cathedral to have been laid in 1120, now the cathedral is famous for its Silver Golden Zhar's Gates, which are regarded a masterpiece.
• St. Catherine Church. The church was built on the hill at the entrance of the city In the end of the 17th for viewing from all over this nice sculpture memorial. The church is said to be the excellent specimen of the 5 chamber cross churches.
• Friday Church. The Church of Saint Paraskeviya is one of the most interesting and mysterious temples built in the pre-Mongol epoch on the territory of Ukraine

Lunch at a restaurant.
One of the beautiful places in Chernigov are Boldin's Hills, once located far from prince's town, but now they belong to the central part of Chernigov. It was this very place where in 1069 monk Antony (one of the enlightens of Christianity) came to and founded new monastery with caves.

• Eletsky Monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in Ukraine, situated on Bolding Hills, appr. 1 km. from the Rampart. The monastery was built in the 11th century in a coniferous wood.
• Near Eletsky nunnery there is the most ancient commemorative monument - a legendary Black Grave. This mound is connected with the origin of the city.
Departure to Kyiv.
Dinner at a hotel.

Day 4 - Kyiv
Buffet breakfast at a hotel.
Excursion to Kiev Pechersk Monastery with visiting Caves.
Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is a unique monastery complex, which is included in UNESCO world heritage list.
Lunch at a restaurant.

Visiting of Vydubitskiy monastery - a monastery complex situated on the picturesque banks of Dnieper in the Vydubich tract.
History of creation
Vydubytskiy monastery was constructed in 70th of XI century by grand duke Vsevolod Yaroslavovich, who was the son of Yaroslav the Wise like a family monastery.
The name of the place is connected with the legend that when Grand Duke of Kiev Vladimir at the time of Rus baptizing enjoined to throw down all wooden pagan deities and idols into a Dnieper, those people who were devoted to old belief ran along the river and called Gods to float to the surface and shouted "Perune, vydubi (which mean - Perun float to the surface.) The place were idols came to bank was named "Vydubichi".
The architectural ensemble of the monastery consist of Archangel Mikhail Church, Georgievskaya Church, Spasskaya Church constructed in Ukrainian baroque style and refectory. Only several churched of the monastery kept safe during the centuries. Among them Archangel Mikhail Church, which was constructed by the time of rule of Vsevolod and partly restored in 1769 in Ukrainian baroque style.

Excursion “Architectural Pechersk” - the most elite and aristocratic district of Kiev. You will see the building of National Bank of Ukraine, secretariat of president, Liberman`s House ( building of the Union of writers, building with Chimeras (house of Horodetskiy, Mariinskiy Palace (architector  Rastrelli) 
Dinner at a hotel.

Day 5 - Kyiv
at a hotel.
Transfer to airport.
Depart from Kiev.

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